About us

Sambandh means relation. People says you came alone in this world & will go alone from this world but unfortunnately you can’t live alone.To live a life you need heart to heart love connection.

But first think comes in mind how to find that connection, the person you may know or may not know would be yours? It is difficult to find the person who would be wiping off the lines of tension from your forehead.Right?? Now Sambandh Service brings an opportunity for you to find a true heart for your heart out of million hearts.That one who is actually for you,,,,would be yours.You might be thinking that how it is possible?

Sambandhservice.com will help you to get your partner easily according to your choice, your desire a connection who would understand you, support you, would share your feeling and everything that you want.We match the profiles to your best as we known for our 100% genuine service. We are the only Indian dating site that provides genuine service. Just you need to trust on us & be with us.

So come & join with us & experience the redefined meaning of love.

All you have to do is trust us & be with us.



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